Why should they be so troublesome components MSD?

Sometimes we encounter someone who think that it is almost impossible to control the MSD components correctly, i.e. such as IPC standard 033 prescribes.

If you are not completely with on why MSD handling actually is so laborious, so read this story, as in best narrative style, describes exactly what the challenge is.

MSD goes unfortunately not away of itself, on the contrary, it will be worse, one of the reasons is that the smaller the components becomes, the shorter usage time (Floorlife) they have, and there's probably not many people will put money on to components generally get bigger!

The good news is that our MSD solution removes all that headache-inducing from MSD handling, because we-very simplistic-have digitized IPC standard, so all calculations, 033 choice and conditions will be made automatically, providing a very large LEAN gain, eliminates manual errors, and provides assurance to all MSD error prevented.

Do you want to know more, please call, email or fill out the contact form, you can also fill in the ROI Calculator, and get a qualified bid on the direct saving, i.e. LEAN savings before quality gains as zero-MSD error, full history and a MSD process there are 100% in accordance with the IPC standard.

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