Can I bake components at higher temperatures than what is allowed in J-STD-033B?

A Tech Q of the Week to IPC deals with the the challenge of baking low temperature (40deg) carriers

But even if the carrier can handle baking up to 125deg, you still face the choise: do you want high Quality or high component availability
higher baking temperature => shorter baking time => high negative impact on Solderability
lower baking temperature => longer baking times => higher Stock retention and reduced flexibility

You can get both high Quality and availability!!

The key word here is reducing the number of  bakings, and this is what you can get from using Welcrosoft MSD software

How can the Software do that?, the answer is managing the 8/12 hour short duration time, if you stay below these limits, you still get a stock Retention for resetting, but here we talk about up to 3,3days, for baking, we are talking about up to 79 days!

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